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Alicyclic glycidyl ether type epoxy resin

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The alicyclic glycidyl ether epoxy resin crystalline epoxy resin has a shorter manufacturing process for the traditional alicyclic epoxy resin and is easier to industrialize. Its production process is similar to that of bisphenol A epoxy resin, but its raw material characteristics are different from that of bisphenol A, so different manufacturing methods are needed. Compared with the traditional alicyclic epoxy resin, the cured epoxy resin also has excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance and electrical insulation. Although the temperature resistance of some kinds of epoxy resin is not as good as the traditional alicyclic epoxy resin, it can be used as outdoor powder coatings to meet its temperature requirements. In addition, since the epoxy group of this kind of epoxy resin is not directly attached to the aliphatic ring, but glycidyl in the side chain, the reaction activity is higher. For example, amine curing agent can be used to cure "3" at room temperature. Due to the advantages of cost and performance, the epoxy resin is most likely to be used in large scale.

Alipocyclic glycidyl ether type epoxy resins, foreign mainly hydrogenated bisphenol A glycidyl ether, low molecular weight products for liquid, high molecular weight products for solid, Japan Dongdu Chemicals Company and its technology exports Korea Guodu Chemistry and Taiwan South Asia Company produces ST series products from the lowest viscosity From ST-1000 to ST-4100D and ST-5100, the softening point is between 95 and 105. Similar products are also available in Nippon Chemistry and Asahi Electronics. In China, Changshu Jiafa Chemical Company produces glycidyl ether of low molecular weight hydrogenated bisphenol A, but has not yet produced high molecular weight products. Other alicyclic glycidyl ethers, in addition to the production of cyclohexanediol derivative glycidyl ether by Changshu Jiafa Chemical Company, are ketone aldehyde epoxy resins produced by Yueyang Petrochemical Research Institute. The resins use cyclohexanone formaldehyde resins with multiple saturated six-membered rings as raw materials and hydroxymethyl groups at their ends. A solid epoxy resin with a multi ring structure was prepared by reaction with epichlorohydrin. The powder coatings made of this resin and polyester resin have good gloss, but the reaction activity is slower than TGIC, the activity is lower, the curing time is longer, and the curing time is longer and the curing time is easier to yellowing. If the carbonyl group in the molecular structure can be hydrogenated to hydroxyl group, and then epoxidation, not only can increase its weatherability, but also greatly increase the content of epoxy group in the molecule, curing products will have better mechanical strength, so that it can be used as an ideal outdoor epoxy resin for powder coatings.



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