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Application of flexible epoxy resin

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The emergence of flexible epoxy resin will change the concept that epoxy resin is a brittle material for a long time. Many new uses of epoxy resin have been developed, such as replacing polyurethane and silicone rubber in some fields, which can increase its adhesion and chemical corrosion resistance. Crystalline epoxy resin

Flexible epoxy resin is applied in the traditional epoxy resin application field, and the performance of the product can be greatly improved. In electrical insulation, flexible epoxy resin used as electrical insulating castables is helpful to solve the problem of cracking and partial discharge in the manufacturing process of transformers, transformers, reactors, switches and other electrical products, and improve the qualified rate of products. Flexible epoxy resin can improve the adhesive force between epoxy resin and shell, conductor and component, eliminate the cracking and insulation performance degradation caused by mechanical and thermal stress changes, and improve the reliability of long-term operation of products. Flexible epoxy resin is used in coating field, which can improve adhesion and increase impact strength. In order to increase the toughness of the film, high molecular weight epoxy resin has to be used in the formulation design of epoxy resin coatings in the past. However, this kind of epoxy resin has high viscosity and poor processing technology. A large number of solvents must be added to the coating, which not only increases the cost but also causes environmental pollution. Aliphatic glycidyl ether type flexible epoxy resin can not only improve the toughness, but also its viscosity is low. It can be used with low molecular weight bisphenol A epoxy resin as solvent-free epoxy coating. Flexible epoxy resins play a unique role in the construction field, such as pasting ceramic tiles, repairing cracks in buildings, roofing leak proof, elastic floor materials and so on.

With the further understanding of flexible epoxy resin, new products will emerge constantly, application technology will be increasingly mature, the application of flexible epoxy resin will be further expanded, this new type of epoxy resin will play a greater role in the formulation design of epoxy resin.


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