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Formulation design, properties, preparation and application of flexible epoxy resin system

Date of release:2018-07-27 Author: Click:

Abstract: Several methods of flexibility of epoxy resin formulation system were introduced, and their advantages and disadvantages were compared. The varieties, synthesis, properties, characteristics and applications of glycidyl ether-type flexible epoxy resin were mainly introduced. Crystalline epoxy resin

Keywords: epoxy resin flexible glycerin

In the formulation design of epoxy resin, the formulation system consisting of bisphenol A epoxy resin and conventional curing agents (amine, anhydride) is adopted. In many applications, the problem of high brittleness and easy cracking is often encountered. For example, the poured products are cracked and scrapped because of their brittleness and low elongation; when used as coating adhesives, because of their high rigidity and low elongation, the bonding surface peeling strength is low, which directly affects the use effect. The effective way to solve these problems is to make epoxy resin flexible or make the whole formulation system flexible. By reducing the crosslinking density, introducing flexible segments into the molecular structure of the cured products, or simply adding inert small molecules, the rigidity of the cured products decreases, and by reducing the glass transition temperature and increasing the elongation of the cured products, the formulation system is flexible. Although this method reduces the heat resistance and modulus of the cured material, it is not required in many cases. Therefore, the flexibility of the formulation system is an effective method to solve the problem of brittle cracking.


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Key word:Crystallineepoxyresinplant,Flexibleepoxyresinsystem,Brominatedepoxyresinmanufacturers

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