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Epoxy reactive diluent

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Epoxy reactive diluents are generally low molecular compounds with one or more epoxy groups. They can directly participate in the curing reaction of epoxy resin and become part of the cross-linking network of cured epoxy resin. They have little effect on the properties of the cured products and sometimes increase the toughness of the curing system. Crystalline epoxy resin

brief introduction

(1) Compounds that can dissolve or disperse film-forming substances and participate in film-forming reactions during film-forming of coatings to form non-volatile components and remain in the film. It is mainly used in high solid and solvent free coating systems. It can be divided into: glycidyl acetate, used for solvent-free epoxy paint; end 2 (or 3, 4) acrylic ester, used for light curing coatings; high hydroxyl value polyester, polyether, used for high solid paint.

(two) in the process of diluting the adhesive, we should participate in the reaction diluent. There are active groups in the molecule, which can react with the curing agent of the adhesive without gas escaping, and generally have no effect on the properties of the cured adhesive layer. When used, the dosage of curing agent should be increased, and the increment should be calculated according to the active group of diluent. It is mostly used for epoxy resin adhesive. The main varieties are monoepoxy propylene glycidyl ether, phenyl glycidyl ether, epoxy ethylene glycol diglycidyl ether, resorcinol diglycidyl ether and so on.


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